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Who We Are

WAL-eVisual brings you unique realistic virtual experiences. We incorporate Extended Reality (combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality) in Education, Architecture & Automotive, Tourism and Product Visualisation, to create engaging user experiences. 

Vision and Mission

Our Mission: Empowering Innovation through equal distribution of practical learning tools.

Our Vision: To create a passionate community by providing affordable and accessible quality education that fosters creative thinking, exploration and problem solving skills.


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How We Do It?


Under our education arm, Wol-e Soma, we integrate extending reality in the classroom allowing students to learn in ways they've never been able to before.

This might be anything from  teaching kindergarteners about the solar system to demonstrating high school students human anatomy to training medical students to perform life-saving surgery.

Our extended reality takes advantage of visual learning to enhance learner long term memory of different study subjects for successful skills development.


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